Hudson National Golf Club

Mobile Guest Rules


Vision Statement: Hudson National embodies a superb golf course, a beautiful clubhouse, exquisite cuisine and a welcoming, service-oriented staff, all designed to provide a great golf experience for our members and their guests. 


The rules of the Club have been developed to support our vision. Each Member is responsible for understanding and adhering to these rules. Furthermore, each Member also is responsible for seeing that family members and guests are aware of and adhere to the rules. Violations of the rules by any Member, family member or guest may result in disciplinary actions, including suspension of Club privileges or termination of Membership. Violations will be reported to the Legal, Rules, and Governance Committee of the Board, which will administer the enforcement process. 


All golfers must check in with the Starter prior to play. All play must start from the first tee and play the golf holes in proper order unless otherwise authorized by the Starter. If you stop at the halfway house long enough to lose your position on the course and affect pace of play, other groups have priority and may continue to play through until you are able to comfortably fit yourself back in on the golf course.

Distance measuring devices specifically made for the purpose (i.e., not including cell phones and PDAs) are permitted, including during Club tournaments.

The practice range is available to all Members and their guests on all days when the course is open, from 7:00 am until dusk. Please check with the Starter for transportation.

Practice is prohibited on the golf course itself at all times.

USGA Rules of Golf shall govern all play.

Foursomes are the preferred pairing for Members and guests. Fivesomes or more are not allowed unless otherwise approved by the Director of Club Operations or his designee when there is a two hour window of no play on either side of the tee time. Singles, twosomes, and threesomes have no right to play through other groups on the course. For this reason, and to enhance everyone’s enjoyment, golfers are encouraged to combine twosomes or pair up as often as possible.

If at any time a Member wishes to play during times which appear to be fully booked, the Member should call the Starter and efforts will be made to accommodate such Member.


Only non-metal spikes are allowed on the golf course and practice facilities. The locker room attendants will replace metal spikes with non-metal ones for a fee.


Slow play adversely affects the enjoyment of the game for all golfers. More than four and one-half hours is considered slow play for foursomes and more than three hours is considered slow play for a twosome before 8:00 am and three hours and twenty minutes thereafter.

On Friday, weekend and holiday mornings, pace of play will be monitored, and may be monitored at other times. Players unable to maintain the proper pace of play may have their tee time privileges restricted.


Caddies are not employees of the Club and are paid directly by the Members and Guests. During the golf season, caddies are required to be used whenever available. Should you request a specific caddie, arrangements must be made through the Starter. Specific caddies cannot be guaranteed. A Member or Guest may compensate a caddie based upon the caddie's level of performance and the Member's degree of satisfaction. The all-inclusive suggested Caddie Rate is $125 Per Bag for 18 Holes and $65 Per Bag for 9 Holes. The caddie fee for golf professional staff is customarily paid by the member, members, or guests in their group. When giving playing lessons, the professional and the Member or sponsored guest taking the lesson may take a cart from the range to play up to 3 or 4 holes without the necessity of taking a caddie. After practicing at the range, a member may, subject to the discretion of the Starter and not interfering with any other golfers, play hole #1 with one ball without the necessity of taking a caddie. Beyond that, normal caddie rules will apply.


Acceptable golf attire must be worn on the Club premises at all times.

Acceptable: Golf slacks or skirts, mock turtle neck shirts and golf shorts (must be no more than four inches above the knee). Men’s shirts must have a collar; women’s blouses must have either sleeves or a collar. Golf shirts are to be worn tucked in on the golf course and in the clubhouse at all times. Full button down shirts may be worn out (un-tucked) in and around the clubhouse but all other shirts must be tucked in at all times. Women only may wear white jeans that are not distressed in any manner.

Not Acceptable: Crew necks or tank tops; sleeveless, collarless or v-neck shirts; running, tennis or swimming shorts, cargo shorts and pants, cut-offs, athletic* attire or denim jeans; shirt tails not tucked in; and caps worn backwards, i.e., without the bill of the cap facing forward. Anyone who is inappropriately attired will be asked to immediately comply with the dress code policy or leave the Club grounds.

The dress code in and around the clubhouse is casual at all times, unless more formal attire has been indicated. Golf shoes may be worn. Men and young men (12 years of age and older) must wear a collared shirt. Athletic* clothing and denim of any color are not permitted at any time. Hats, for women and men, are not to be worn in the indoor dining areas of the clubhouse. They may be worn on the ground floor and any of the patios. Bare feet and flip flops are not permitted. 

*Athletic attire is acceptable between the locker rooms and the fitness center. Bicycle attire is acceptable from your bicycle directly to the locker rooms.


Oral communication on cell phones and PDA's is permissible on the fourth floor of the Clubhouse, in the specifically designated areas of the locker rooms and the second floor of the Clubhouse, as well as in the cottages, or in automobiles in the parking lots. Cell phones, PDA's, iPads and Kindles may be used to retrieve emails/texts anywhere in the clubhouse. However, the phone option MUST BE DISABLED and the device must be in silent mode. Beyond the Clubhouse, all electronic devices are not to be seen on property. Members sponsoring guests or outing groups will be responsible for these guest's adherence to the wireless device policy.


When severe weather and lightning activity is detected in the area, a horn will sound. A solid 15 second signal indicates when severe weather is expected, and all are to seek shelter. An intermittent high-low signal indicates that play can resume. It is mandatory to discontinue play when the horn sounds. Play is not to be resumed until the all-clear signal is sounded. The Club wishes to emphasize that players have the right to stop play at any time if they feel there is imminent danger, even if not specifically authorized by a signal. In addition, caddies may discontinue the round at their discretion for the same reason. When warned of an impending storm, players not close to the clubhouse should immediately seek shelter.


Emergency call boxes have been installed on the course. They have been installed in the following locations: teaching center, range, halfway house, 4th tee, 8th tee, 12th tee, 15th tee and 16th tee. In the event of an emergency, simply press and hold the button and speak directly into the unit. Release the button to listen to important information including 2-way communications with our staff. Staff have been trained and certified in CPR, AED and First Aid. This system is for emergencies only.


Hudson National employees may not accept or solicit gratuities. Members and their guests are not permitted to offer gratuities to employees. Acceptance of gratuities will be grounds for employee termination.

Caddies are independent contractors and are not covered by this policy.


Service charges will be added to all food and beverage costs to supplement employee wages.


Rules regarding smoking in the Westchester area are among the strictest in the United States. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the clubhouse. There is a designated smoking area on the south terrace. The law prohibits Club employees from serving any Member or guest who smokes in this area.


All food and beverage consumed in the clubhouse or on Club premises must be purchased from the Club.


The Club’s policy on alcoholic beverage consumption is to comply with the laws of New York State and Westchester County as they pertain to the purchase, service and consumption of alcohol for adults and minors, as well as those who appear to be intoxicated.


The Club is not responsible for items left unattended on Club property or stored in lockers. 


Running, jogging, walking or any other form of non-golf use of the golf course by Members or their guests is not only distracting to golfers but present a serious safety problem. Such use of the golf course is strictly prohibited.


Members and guests are required to respect other players, staff, caddies, and the golf course by using proper golf etiquette and evidencing courteous behavior at all times.