Club Rules for Guests 

Course and Clubhouse Rules and Regulations

Hudson National Golf Club’s primary goal is to provide a world class golf experience for its members, as well as a relaxed gathering place for those who truly love the game of golf. The following rules are set forth in order to ensure that all Members and their guests will enjoy HNGC to its fullest potential and to address any questions pertaining to common practice and procedure. Proper decorum and adherence to these rules are essential to the well-being of our Club. All questions, however, cannot be answered by this code.  Any interpretation of these rules shall be determined by the relevant Committee or the Board of Directors. If a disagreement should arise, the parties should contact the General Manager’s office immediately.  The General Manager will take the appropriate steps to correct the misunderstanding or direct the parties to the proper Committee or Board Member.

The practice range is available to all members and their guests on all days when the course is open. Please check with the Caddie Master for transportation. 

The Golf Shop is one of the finest specialty shops offering a wide selection of equipment, clothing and accessories. It is staffed by the Director of Golf and his Professional Team. The Golf Shop is open mid-April through mid-November on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  We encourage all Members to stop by, whether it is for merchandise, equipment or just to chat about your game.

HNGC is a walking golf course in which caddies play an integral part in the Club’s tradition. Caddies are not employees of the Club and are paid directly by the Member. During the golf season, caddies are required to be used whenever available. Should you request a specific caddie, arrangements must be made through the Caddie Master. Specific caddies cannot be guaranteed. A Member may compensate a caddie based upon the caddie’s level of performance and the Member’s degree of satisfaction. The below fee is recommended:

The suggested caddie rate, including tip, is $75.00 per bag per round.  If inclement weather or illness prevents you from playing less than seven holes, one-half the rate will be appropriate. 

Hudson National’s membership has from its inception believed that golf is a walking game.  The Club has a strong caddie program and all Members and guests are required to walk if at all possible and take a caddie when available.  Golf carts are permitted for those Members and their guests who are 60 years or older and cannot walk the course  or when caddies are not available, provided use of a cart will not hurt the course or create slow play, as determined by the Superintendent and Director of Golf, respectively.  Unaccompanied guests are NEVER to be allowed use of carts and must take caddies when available, unless a special exception is granted by the Golf Committee in advance.  These exceptions are normally granted only for physical disabilities as documented by a doctor.  Golf carts must remain in designated areas, which may mean remaining on paths only, when the Superintendent determines that the course is too wet or weather conditions make the course too fragile for carts to be used elsewhere.  Carts are NEVER to be driven across Belgian block curbing, and carts are prohibited near greens, green collars, environmentally sensitive areas, hazards, and tees.  Hudson is built on bedrock, with a minimal amount of topsoil and sand below the turf.   This means that during wet or hot weather, carts may be confined either to fairway or rough areas ONLY in order to protect fragile turfgrasses and avoid soil compaction.  When these prohibitions are necessary, Members and guests will be informed by Club Staff, and all instructions must be strictly observed.  The Superintendent has the authority to ban carts from the course at any time if he deems this necessary to protect the course.  Hudson has a strong caddie program and maintaining this program is of paramount importance to the membership.  Club caddies are required to be used in addition to carts whenever caddies are available in order to protect the course and ensure the health of the caddie program. Club caddies will direct cart traffic in accordance with routing information provided, and members are asked to respect the caddies’ guidance, as these individuals are charged with protecting the course for all golfers.  Failure to abide by all golf cart regulations will result in sanctions imposed by the Golf Committee, which may include loss of cart privileges for a period of time, or in the case of violations of cart regulations that harm the course, loss of golf privileges entirely.  These rules will be strictly enforced.

Acceptable golf attire must be worn on the Club premises at all times. Members are also responsible for the attire of their guests.

Acceptable:  Golf slacks or skirts, mock turtle neck shirts, golf shorts (must be no more than four inches above the knee).  Men’s shirts must have a collar; women’s blouses must have either sleeves or a collar.  Untucked square bottom shirts are not to be worn on the golf course but may be worn in and around the clubhouse only.

Not Acceptable: Crew necks or tank tops; sleeveless, collarless or v-neck shirts, running, tennis or swimming shorts, cargo shorts and pants, cut-offs, athletic attire or denim jeans; shirt tails not tucked in; and caps worn backwards, i.e., without the bill of the cap facing forward.  The Professional Staff and the Starter are responsible for ensuring Members and guests adhere to the above guidelines for proper attire.  Anyone who is inappropriately attired will not be permitted on the property.

Appropriate footwear is required.  Our Club prohibits the use of metal penetrating spikes at any time within the confines of the Club; please inform your guests prior to their arrival.  Please be aware that many surfaces become slippery when wet.

Distance measuring devices are not permitted for use in any Club tournaments. 

When severe weather and lightning activity is detected in the area, a horn will sound. A solid 15 second signal indicates when severe weather is expected; all are to seek shelter. An intermittent high-low signal indicates that play can resume. It is mandatory to discontinue play when the horn sounds. Play is not to be resumed until the all-clear signal is sounded.  The Club wishes to emphasize that players have the right to stop play at any time if they feel there is imminent danger, even if not specifically authorized by a signal. In addition, the Club rules state that caddies may discontinue the round at their discretion for the same reason. When warned of an impending storm, players not close to the clubhouse should immediately seek shelter.

Emergency call boxes have been installed on the course.  They have been installed in the following locations: teaching center, range, halfway house, 4th tee, 8th tee, 12th tee, 15th tee and 16th tee.  In the event of an emergency, simply press and hold the button and speak directly into the unit.  Release the button to listen to important information including 2-way communications with our staff.  Staff from all departments have been trained and certified in CPR, AED and First Aid.  This system is for emergencies only.

Slow play infringes on the enjoyment of many players. All players are asked to maintain a reasonable pace. For example, a four ball match should take no longer than four hours thirty five minutes.  All foursomes are expected to maintain or exceed this pace throughout the round. Our Professional Staff will monitor the pace of play. Groups that have fallen behind the acceptable pace, and are holding up following groups, will receive a warning on the next teeing ground. Once warned, the group should play without delay so as to return to the accepted pace of play. Or, if they prefer, they may invite the following group through.  Groups that have received a warning and continue to hold up following matches will receive a final warning. The Golf Committee requests that players should proceed immediately to the next hole where they must continue to play at an acceptable pace.  The Golf Committee will review the facts of each reported occurrence. Members may be restricted in future starting time availability if they have displayed an inability to play at an “acceptable pace” and have not exercised proper golf etiquette.

FRONT NINE           2 Hrs, 20 Min
BACK NINE             2 Hrs, 15 Min
TOTAL                      4 Hrs, 35 Min

Hudson National Golf Club employees may not accept gratuities.  Tipping of caddies (independent contractors) is included in our suggested rate.


The dress code in and around the clubhouse is casual at all times, unless more formal attire has been indicated.  Golf shoes may be worn. Men and young men (over 12 years of age) must wear a collared shirt. Athletic clothing and denim of any color are NOT permitted at any time. Hats or caps are not to be worn in food service areas of the clubhouse. Bare feet are not permitted anywhere in the clubhouse.

Rules regarding smoking in the Westchester area are among the strictest in the United States. Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the clubhouse. There is a designated smoking area on the side of the South Terrace. The law does not allow Club employees to serve any member or guest who wishes to smoke in this area.

All wireless devices are strictly prohibited around the clubhouse, on Club grounds, and on the entire golf course including the halfway house. The exceptions to this rule are in the following areas:

              • Inside members and guests automobiles
              • On the 4th floor of the clubhouse

Members and guests are restricted from carrying any type of wireless device except in authorized areas.  Wireless devices cannot be visible at anytime during your visit.
Wireless devices include cellular phones, pagers, and PDA’s (Blackberrys, etc.).PDA’s may be used for sending and receiving email ONLY in the Men’s and Ladies locker rooms.  The cell phone option on all PDA’s must be turned off while in those areas.
Members are responsible for informing their guests of the Club’s policies including the restricted use of wireless devices.  The member will be notified and held responsible for any violation of their guests’ adherence to Club rules.

Service charges will be added to all food and beverage costs to supplement employee wages. All Club employees are prohibited from soliciting or accepting gratuities. Members and their guests are requested to refrain from offering gratuities to employees. Acceptance of gratuities is grounds for employee termination.

All food and beverage consumed in the Clubhouse or on Hudson National Golf Club premises must be purchased from the Club.

The Club’s policy on alcoholic beverage consumption is to comply with the laws of the Westchester County as they pertain to the purchase, service and consumption of alcohol for adults and minors, as well as those who appear to be intoxicated. Service is refused to anyone who may have imbibed sufficient alcohol to impair the ability to operate an automobile, even though they may not feel intoxicated. This is in line with court ruling that liability may exist even if intoxication isn’t obvious. Absorption rates can vary drastically with the circumstances. This policy applies to both Members and guests.

Controlled substances other than those prescribed by a physician for medical reasons are not permitted on Club property.